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ZS Associates pro-bono support

ZS associates have been working with Community Southwark since 2018. THANK YOU ZS Associates!  - (Published 26 May 2021).

ZS associates have been working with Community Southwark since 2018, they have supported many different charities including us at Community Southwark.

Their consistent dedication to Southwark and the sector is inspiring and we can not thank them enough for all their support.

  • Here is just a small example of some of the work they have done to support organisations in the borough:
  • Ran two Impactathons at the ZS offices. One for BAME led organisations and one for different organisations in the borough
  • Worked with SL Creatives on their business and income generation plans leading to long-term relations
  • Dedicated time and efforts supporting Community Southwark with our CRM Airtable  database
  • Delivered Management training to the Community Southwark management team
  • Supported the Carer’s Hub team to think through and develop their mission and vision statements, as well as strategic and tactical plans. Over the course of a six-month project, ZS also worked hand-in-hand with the Carer’s Hub team to develop a value proposition and accompanying communication plan
  • Support and helping Bankside Open Spaces Trust
  • A new incredible project that has just started, working with The Museum of Diversity to showcase black history and other minority groups through education and a virtual museum.


Their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment are second to none amongst the many business partners we have been working with over the years. ZS Cares is truly an initiative in which employees believe and with which they connect.


THANK YOU ZS Associates!  


What is Employee (pro-bono) volunteering?

Employee volunteering occurs when employees from a corporate organisation, or business, volunteer to support a charity. This type of volunteering can take various forms and can be hugely beneficial for both the employees and the charity involved.


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