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Workshop – Building Palimpsest Bodies

Led by Chloe Das Neves, Building Palimpsest Bodies is a new weekly workshop hosted at London Performance Studios.

Led by Chloe Das Neves, Building Palimpsest Bodies is a new weekly workshop hosted at London Performance Studios.

Whereas a palimpsest used to be a textual conversation, this workshop aims to break down the palimpsest that is a person’s body and reconstruct it visually. The idea is to intersect the two main ways in which one records bodies in space – memory (as body memory) and mapping/marking – “Body Image” and “Thought Figure”.

Participants will be invited to excavate their body memory – movements, postures, anchored in our body by physiological experiences or practices that lead to a body adaptation (this may be due to artistic practice or chronic situations, new perception/understanding/needs…). This process allows us to connect to the haptic senses and start the palimpsest conversation that we then transcribe on paper. We reincarnate the dialogue through marking, body mapping, collage, drawing, etc.

This structure will have two different approaches – individual focus, and collaborative. Each session will end with a convivial opportunity for feedback, comments and discussion.

Dates and times

13 September – 4 October 2023
Wednesdays 6.30 – 8 PM


Tickets available here


Studio 5, London Performance Studios
For more info on how to get to London Performance Studios, see link below

Chloé Das Neves is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the body and its visual representations through drawing and movement. Her practice is a conversation between the immaterial body (Body-Image) and anatomical structure (Somatic), and how we can keep track of this ongoing dialogue. Probing the materiality of memories, she uses the methodology of palimpsest to document the ephemerality of the body in motion. Through fragmentation, reconstruction and assemblage, her work recreates histories of bodies in space. After studying fashion design in France, she obtained an MFA in 2022 at The Margate School as part of the European programme. Now based in London, she is developing her practice as part of the ‘Year of Making’ residency programme at 40Clarence Mews. Alongside her personal journey, she has collaborated with artists and designers on movement direction, set design and art direction (Eirinn Hayhow Fashion LFW (SS22/SS23) // ‘Ritual of Rejoin’ by Buket Yenidogan for “Dear 2050”).