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Who are the different Cabinet members, and what do they do?

Cabinet members are councillors that hold a specific portfolio, or area of responsibility, and attend Cabinet meetings to make important decisions.

Cabinet members are councillors that hold a specific portfolio, or area of responsibility, and attend Cabinet meetings to make important decisions.  

Here’s a list of Cabinet members and their responsibilities:  

  • Cllr Kieron Williams, Leader of the council
  • Cllr Jasmine Ali – Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education
  • Cllr Evelyn Akoto – Cabinet Member for Public Health and Community Safety
  • Cllr Stephanie Cryan – Cabinet Member for Council Housing
  • Cllr Helen Dennis – Cabinet Member for Social Support and Homelessness
  • Cllr Rebecca Lury – Cabinet Member for Finance, Business and Jobs
  • Cllr Alice Macdonald – Cabinet Member for Communities, Equalities and Neighbourhoods
  • Cllr Catherine Rose – Cabinet Member for Leisure, Environment and Roads
  • Cllr Johnson Situ – Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency, Planning and Transport
  • Cllr Radha Burgess – Deputy Cabinet Member for Low Traffic Southwark