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Volunteering Opportunities

Our volunteering directory lists up to date volunteering opportunities from organisations across Southwark.

If you need any additional help finding a role then don’t hesitate to contact us at volunteering@communitysouthwark.org

Search Southwark’s Volunteering Opportunities Directory

  • Scroll down – to see the full list of our volunteer opportunities.
  • To expand a single record – hover to the left of the name of the role, then a circle appears with blue arrows, click on it to expand the record:

  • To expand the full database – click ‘view larger version’ on the bottom right of the database (we recommend that you do view the database in this larger view).
  • To filter – Click on ‘filter’, then ‘add filter’ and use the drop-down arrows to select the type of volunteering role (has any of) you are looking for, using the four options: ‘Location base’ ‘Causes’, ‘Interests’, ‘Role site’.

For example:

You can select other views, but we recommend these four options at the very least.

  • To search – Use the ‘Search’ button to the right of the screen to search for an organisation or a service using keywords.

Search using our volunteer database below: