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Book a Volunteering Advice Appointment

Southwark Residents can book a volunteering advice appointment with our Volunteer Adviser to help you find your perfect volunteering opportunity. 

Our volunteer advice appointments are now paused for Summer while we work on a improved volunteering database, and will reopen in September.

What Happens During a Volunteering Advice Appointment?

Your volunteer advice appointment will take place over the phone or in person. One of our friendly volunteer team will discuss your interests with you and why you want to volunteer. We will then do some research and send you a personalised list of volunteer opportunities.

Preparing for your volunteer advice appointment                                                       

You may find it useful to ask yourself a few questions before attending your volunteer advice appointment:

  • Why do you want to volunteer?
  • What do you want to gain from volunteering?
  • What times and days can you commit to volunteering?
  • What group of people would you like to help?
  • Would you like to volunteer near where you live or could you travel to another part of Southwark borough?

Book a volunteer advice appointment

If you are struggling to book an appointment online please contact volunteering@communitysouthwark.org or call 020 3848 6540

Access Needs

Please let us know if you have any additional access needs we can accommodate during your appointments. Our office is fully accessible and has an accessible and gender neutral toilet. You are welcome to bring children, a friend or family member with your to your appointment. While we use telephone for the majority of our appointments we are happy to accommodate Zoom or Teams if it is easier for you.

Note for Support Workers/ Customers

If you would like to ensure a confidential appointment, or have higher support needs, please contact Ruth on 0203 848 6540 or email  volunteering@communitysouthwark.org