Join our networks! We are working to reshape and refresh the way in which Southwark’s voluntary and community groups and organisations come together to speak authoritatively on behalf of the whole sector and influence the decisions that matter.


Children, Families and Young People Network

The Children, Families and Young People Network is for you if you are an organisation delivering support in these areas within Southwark.

Disabilities Providers Network

Disabilities Providers Network is for all organisations and groups who are working with people with disabilities in Southwark.

Latin American Network

The Latin American Network is an independent network of community organisations, voluntary groups and activists working in the London Borough of Southwark and supporting the Latin American community in the borough.

Mental Health Network

The Mental Health Network is for groups and charities that are providing support and services to Southwark communities around mental health.

Older People’s Network

The Older People's Network is a network for voluntary organisations that are delivering support to Southwark's older population.

Safeguarding Leaders Network

This Safeguarding Leaders Network is for those in Southwark's voluntary sector that lead on child or adult safeguarding.

Small Groups Meet Up

This Small Groups Meet Up brings together people from community groups that are either completely run by volunteers, or have up to three paid members of staff.

Social Prescribing Network

The Local Care Networks, in partnership with Community Southwark, are working to co-design and develop a more coordinated model of social prescribing in the borough.

Southwark’s Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage Alliance (R.E.A.C.H)

This is a network of community organisations with aims to be a collective voice for Black and minority ethnic communities, including increasing its influence, representation, and advocacy.

Southwark Community Action Network CAN

Southwark CAN can help you find out what's going on in Southwark, volunteer with local groups, learn more about local democracy and campaigning, become a voice for the local community. Community southwark are looking to build an inclusive, community action based network centred on the needs of its members.

Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA)

The Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA) is a collective of charitable organisations, residents and community partners uniting together to help increase food security and food equality for Southwark residents.

Sports and Physical Activity Network

This Sports and Physical Activity Network is for the sports and physical activity sector delivering to the communities of Southwark.

Universal Credit Network (UCN)

The Universal Credit Network (UCN) is a quarterly meeting for people working in charities and public facing community organisations that work with Universal Credit claimants on the front-line. At the UCN, attendees have the opportunity to meet with UC experts and have their concerns and queries regarding UC answered.

Volunteer Managers Network

The Volunteer Managers Network is an opportunity for those working with volunteers (you do not need to be a manager!) to discuss your stories, particularly round COVID19, the next steps and how CS can help and support.

Other (non CS run) Sector Networks

As well as our own networks, there are some other very useful Southwark networks e.g. Southwark Refugee Communities Forum, Forum for Equality and Human Rights, Southwark Legal Advice Network, Southwark Planning Network which we have listed here.