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Tom Morgan Evans – Keib Thomas Active Citizen 2021

Tom Morgan-Evans was nominated for the Keib Thomas Active Citizen Award at our 2021 Southwark Stars for the fantastic work he's been doing with D'eynsford TMO over the past year.

Tom Morgan-Evans was nominated for the Keib Thomas Active Citizen Award at our 2021 Southwark Stars for the fantastic work he’s been doing with D’eynsford TMO over the past year.


Read what D’eynsford TMO have written about Tom’s work below:


” When the pandemic started, Tom being in education himself (UCL Lecturer), recognised and understood that the forgotten victims during the pandemic were the children from especially poor background. He was able to recognise that the children were being affected mentally, physically and from an education point of view. 

Tom proactively sought funding from Southwark Council and then went about developing a strategy on how to best use the funds. He engaged with his local community via various means possible under the pandemic, letters, emails, text, phone, door knocking in hope of identifying families that required the much needed support. Using the data he accumulated, we were able to assist them via providing laptops, private tuition, stationary, pens, internet, books and went as far as also providing food packages for the families in dire need.

He set up arts project and also showcased various drawings around the estate. This gave the children a huge amount of pride in the sense that their work was being appreciated.  

Tom’s good will did not stop there as he sought further funding from the Mayor of London and was then able to organise the refurbishment of a disused local basketball court and since we have come out of lock down, he has been able to organise basketball coaching as well as organising street graffiti artist to teach the local youths on how to re-paint basket court walls.

The work he is doing is still continuing but has made huge positive impact on the local community. The local community has benefited hugely through Toms commitment and his desire to address inequalities that he has seen through the pandemic. The forgotten children are no longer forgotten, they have also something to look forward to and have been engaging in things that they are interested in such as arts and basketball.

Through Toms hard work, we might never know the scale of the benefit but what we do know is that it has been life changing for some of the families he has worked with.  

Tom’s efforts is even more of an honorable testament because he has been able to accomplish this through the pandemic, whist working and by also putting himself at risk. He had dedicated over 300 hours on these projects for the greater good of the local area he lives in”


Well done Tom, and thank you for your amazing contributions!