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We are the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in Southwark. We support charities, community groups and individuals through capacity building, networks and training.

Southwark Council Neighbourhoods Fund 23/24

Neighbourhoods Fund 2023/24 applications are now open until 12 noon, 24th October 2022.

Would you be willing to share any ideas you may have about projects that will build strong communities and provide lasting benefits to your local community? Perhaps the Neighbourhoods Fund can be of assistance.

There will be £630,000 to spend on a wide range of projects that support:

  • Local action by communities
  • Bringing different people together
  • Making neighbourhoods come to life

Who can apply

  • Any constituted local group
  • New and emerging local groups
  • Any group or individual that has a sponsor, which is a constituted local organisation, and is willing to administer the funds on their behalf
  • Groups that are based in the Empowering Communities area
  • Organisations that have a track record of delivering activities in the local area
  • Groups that are working together on a shared project

Who cannot apply

  • Organisations not established in the UK
  • Organisations that do not have any local links and / or do not have a track record of working locally
  • Political groups and organisations
  • Business / profit-making organisations

How to apply

You can register and apply for the Neighbourhoods Fund online by completing the application form. Click here to apply: Neighbourhoods Fund 23/24.

We advise you to read the guidance (pdf, 1.3mb) and information sheet (pdf, 878kb) carefully and note the items that can and can’t be funded (pdf, 15kb) before applying.

For more information

Find out more on the Council website here

Or email: wingyan.ngan@southwark.gov.uk