Camberwell and Nunhead Connected is funded by The National Lottery Reaching Communities, to mobilise citizens in Camberwell and Nunhead to create stronger and happier communities for themselves and others.

The project is interested in taking community building and organising approaches to achieve this; for example Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) which takes an area’s assets in the shape of people, strengths, resources rather than what it is missing as its starting point.

Our energy goes into putting communities in the driving seat for the Connected project and building the capacity and capability of local people to set agendas and lead action & change in their area.

Connected project aims to:

  • Explore and support increased engagement of residents in local activities and dialogue.
  • Increase participation and leadership on social and civic action.
  • Develop community owned approaches to local health and wellbeing issues.
  • Improve health & wellbeing outcomes.

Existing citizen-led structures for involvement such as local tenant and patient groups are key stakeholder groups for the Connected project; others include local foodbanks, community centres and groups, faith groups and mutual aid groups.


Local group projects

With Covid-19 some emergent activity was sadly put on hold whilst new types of support and organising was needed. However, several local group projects are beginning to go ahead now including:

  1. Give One Take One Box

    Local, informal donations amongst the community

  2. Free Kids Art Activity Packs

    Delivered to doors of the estate, with a Kids Art Gallery of drawings produced on the way (2 photos)

  3. Estates on the radio

    Collaboration between Resonance FM, South London Gallery and local estate residents who will take over 24 hours of broadcasting on 31st August 2020. Find out more

  4. Digital Divide

    Coronavirus has highlighted the serious problems residents can face without satisfactory digital access. We are exploring a local response to missing skills, equipment and Wi-Fi that exists.

  5. COMING SOON: Patient community garden

    Transforming a disused space at a local GP surgery into a garden for relaxing and food growing.