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Grassroots Project

This project is codesigning ongoing and sustainable support with grassroots groups in Southwark.

Between October 2023 and March 2024 the Grassroots Project will codesign an ongoing and sustainable system of support with grassroots groups in Southwark. This support may take the form of a network that meets regularly or a new approch to peer support. We will invite a range of groups to focus group meetings to decide how to do this.

Why we need the Grassroots Project.

The work grassroots groups do is often either not recognised or unappreciated, partly due to the way they are set up and function.

Grassroots groups have different operating and management processes, that are sometimes unconventional, which is reflected in a focus on spending limited resources on delivery of services to benefit their communities, rather than cumbersome administration.

There is more detail HERE if you want it.

To find out more email us at: stas@communitysouthwark.org