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Rotherhithe Residents Say#LetVimalStay Campaign Anniversary

Rotherhithe Residents Say#LetVimalStay Campaign Anniversary earlier this month

Earlier this month it was the first anniversary of the day a border police van rocked up at our local shop where Vimal has been based. They took him off to their offices and have banned him from working. Impressed by his letter from the Queen acknowledging his status of local lockdown hero, they refrained from handcuffing him – their usual procedure.

To mark the anniversary, Rotherhithe Residents Say#LetVimalStay campaign has been sharing ways in which Vimal has been helping so many of us on social media with stories like these.

”Vimal was a great support to all of us through the pandemic and has such a sunny demeanour. What a great asset to the community” local resident Campaign”

Action: To mark this anniversary please post on social media #LetVimalStay and tag your local MP and ask them to support the campaign with our petition here it is https://bit.ly/LetVimalStay