Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA)

Updated on 7th April 2022

The Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA) is a collective of charitable organisations, residents and community partners uniting together to help increase food security and food equality for Southwark residents.


Community Southwark has been coordinating this work with the VCS and Public Health and one of the key recent achievements has been the recent sustainable food summit that took place at Pembroke House on 22nd March 2022.  You can find out more here.

The awarding of Sustainable Food Places membership status to SFAA has given the network a strong positive external profile and applying for a bronze award during 2022 will serve to enhance this.

2022 is an important year for food security in Southwark and SFAA has the opportunity to play a significant role in helping to develop and support ongoing implementation of the borough’s emerging food security strategy, whilst navigating the social and environmental challenges presented by dealing with surplus food.

SFAA supports Southwark becoming a Right to Food Borough, and recently made a deputation to the council’s cabinet on this, the outcome of which will become known following May’s local authority elections.

Read our report on the recent work of SFAA here.

From 1st April 2022, the SFAA network will be hosted by Pecan

You can contact them on We at Community Southwark look forward to both collaborating with and supporting Pecan in our capacity as both VCS and SFAA member moving forward.

Visit the SFAA website to learn more and register as a member.