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Premises Matching Project – Interim Summary Report

Catch up on the lessons learned so far, as we reach the 6-month stage of our Premises Matching Project 

The Premises Matching Project was launched as a result of our State of the Sector survey in 2023, which told us that access to premises was one of the biggest issues facing our members.

The project started in January, and now that we are at the 6-month mark we wanted to give everyone an update on our progress so far.

As a reminder, the aims of this project, and the linked Premises and Policy Officer role, were:

Short-term outcomes

  • Greater understanding, information and advice about demand and supply for the VCS and statutory partners.
  • Improved policies and processes at the council for the VCS to access space.
  • Suggested solutions for how VCS space can be funded and managed.

Medium-term outcomes

  • A matching process to make better use of current availability through relationship-building, brokerage, advice, and support.
  • Increased openness and transparency around existing and upcoming availability.

Long-term outcomes

  • A VCS better able to influence and increase longer-term supply of suitable premises with a real voice at the council and with other landowners.
  • A council better able to respond to and strategically plan for VCS premises needs.
  • Increase in supply of affordable and appropriate VCS spaces.

The report below gives an overview of the learning from the first six months of the project, highlighting successes, challenges and key areas upon which to build.

You can either view the full report, or the Powerpoint slides for a top-line summary.

Premises Project – 6 month summary report


Premises Project – 6 month summary slides



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