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Please keep helping the people of Ukraine

Information with useful links, information and guidance for UK hosts supporting Ukrainians and for Ukrainians arriving in the UK has been set up.

How can you still help the people Ukraine?

There are a number of ways that you can still support the Ukrainian people:


A page with useful links, information and guidance for UK hosts to supporting Ukrainians and for Ukrainians arriving in the UK has been set up.

See the page here: Support for Displaced Ukrainians

Our free English classes for displaced Ukrainians are now fully subscribed and we already have a long waiting list. We have no guarantees on how soon we can run additional classes or partner with other English language providers to accommodate more students. But if you would like to sign up to our waiting list to be contacted about any updates, you can do so here.

Join it here: English Lessons Waiting List


To find out more and all the latest ways to offer your help and solidarity please visit the Ukrainian Institute London website

Local information is also available on the dedicated Southwark Council website.

For organisations supporting Ukrainians in London:

London VCS WhatsApp group

This WhatsApp group to help coordinate London’s response to the crisis in Ukraine. It is in conjunction with VCS Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) but it is an open group for the VCS, which includes Ukraine-specific groups and other local and national VCS orgs.

The aim is to establish what is needed and coordinate actions in response. Specific requests can be posted here, and relevant organisations can promptly respond where they can help. To join this group, please provide your details here and feel free to share this invitation among your networks.

Other Groups to connect with:

London Plus has a list of London organisations supporting Ukrainians, find out what they are doing and connect with them to share information and perhaps pool resources.

Government guidance:

The Government in conjunction with the Charity Commission, has published this Ukraine humanitarian crisis: guidance for charities and trustees and this guidance around safe giving to support Ukraine.

British Red Cross and Emergencies Partnership insight team have developed two documents that may be helpful as partners consider what can be done to help:

London Plus Ukraine resource:

Please do continue to use, share and contribute to their Ukraine support and signposting resource.