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Our NEW Supporting Active Communities Volunteer Strategy for Southwark 2021- 2024 is HERE!

FINALLY, Community Southwark and Southwark Council’s new strategy for 2021 to 2024 is out!

FINALLY, Community Southwark and Southwark Council’s new strategy for 2021 to 2024 is out!

This strategy was written through running surveys, workshops, and networks to gain an understanding what the sector needs. This strategy shifts the focus from the old strategy to ensure that the needs of volunteers, as well as host organisations, are both equally reflected. We recognise that not all communities access formal volunteering opportunities equally, and the focus of the work over the next three years will be how we change this, as well as supporting in particular Black, Asian, and minority ethnic community led groups and their volunteers.

This strategy supports the growth and nurturing of community power and recognises that communities have a wealth of knowledge and assets within themselves, which acts as a foundation stone for this work.

Volunteering is a key pillar of thriving communities, and this strategy is written to contribute to how we can practically support our communities and neighbourhoods thrive, be more resilient to the shocks that they could face be great places to live and work and be places where everyone can have pride and feel that they belong.


“We want Southwark to be a place where everyone feels confident to help and support their neighbours and local groups by getting involved in their communities. We want to build a Southwark where everyone has access to volunteering, so individuals and the places where we live, work, worship and visit can thrive”

We think we will achieve this by focusing on the following three objectives:
  1. Increase awareness and knowledge of volunteering
  2. Provide appropriate support to organisations that host volunteers
  3. Make volunteering inclusive, accessible meaningful and valued

You can view the strategy here

Hopefully this strategy will empower you to get involved in your community either as a group or as a volunteer!

Ways you can start to get involved in volunteering:

Become a TRUSTEE: It’s Trustee week! (1-7 Nov) so please see here ways you can get involved.

Volunteer to support CLIMATE CHANGE: A great way to kick start your volunteering journey is volunteering with a charity help with climate change, take a look here

Organisation or Community Groups!!