Our May 2022 Member Spotlight is The Empowerment Group

Kunlé Oyedeji, The Empowerment Group’s CEO, tells us about their work supporting black people aged 18 and over facing mental health challenges:

Your name?

Kunlé Oyedeji

What’s your job role?


What does your organisation do?

The Empowerment Group is a Southwark based organisation, supporting Black people aged 18 and over in the UK facing mental health challenges. This is achieved through heavily subsidised online 1:1 cultural appropriate therapy.

How does your organisation support & benefit the Southwark community?

We are based in Southwark and many of our beneficiaries of our services are from Southwark.

What are you working on, is there anything you would like to highlight?

We have launched a project which focusses on positive mental health and well being for adults. We have three opportunities for people to refer themselves to take part.

1- Parental Mental Health: for parents with children aged between 1-3 to enjoy a creative project together. This will include creative activities nurturing the development of children whilst the specific focus will be on supporting the well-being of parents.

2- Dance for Dementia: a dance project working with people who live with dementia to build well-being.

3- Adult Well-Being: a self-referral group for people who want to use drama to foster increased well-being and have fun. Classes will focus on positive mental health, whilst being active and lively.

We also have an opportunity for employers to support their staff’s mental health, for free.

4- Leave the day behind: a one-off workshop for professionals who struggle to switch of from the pressure and stress at work. This will explore ways to let go and enabling people to increase their over-all well-being.

A quote from a beneficiary of The Empowerment Group:

“Thank you TEG for your help and support! Having a black counsellor for me meant that my cultural and religious beliefs were better understood. This made sharing my problems easier and allowed plenty of room for me to be transparent without fear of judgement. Most importantly, my sessions have taught me how to reflect on my past without carrying it into the present, which was something I struggled with at the start. I highly recommend this service to BME community members who are finding life mentally challenging. Thanks again to TEG and my counsellor! Keep up the great work!” – NS

How did you hear about Community Southwark?

Word of mouth.

How has Community Southwark helped you?

Community Southwark has helped me understand what is required to build and run a not for profit organisation, whilst providing opportunities to create important connections.

Would you recommend Community Southwark to other charities for support?


If yes why?

Very useful for non profit organisations looking to build.

How can people get support from your organisation?

Individuals can apply for our services via our website.

How can people find out more about what you do?

Via our website.

Website link:






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