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Our August 2021 *Spotlight Organisation* is Elevated Minds!

Elevated Minds work with schools, alternative educational provisions, and various professionals to tackle the disproportionate levels of BME young people excluded from mainstream education

Our *August 2021 Spotlight Organisation* is Elevated Minds!

Doreen Sinclair-McCollin tells us all about the charity, the support that they give and how people can connect and get support from Elevated Minds.

iYour name?

Doreen Sinclair-McCollin

What’s your job role?

Director/ CEO

What does your organisation do?

Elevated Minds CIC is an organisation that believes in the transformation of young people and adults through the development of emotional intelligence, which affects individuals on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We work with schools, alternative educational provisions, and various professionals to tackle the disproportionate levels of BME young people excluded from mainstream education. We do this by facilitating and delivering early intervention services, currently providing our services to schools across Southwark-London, and Birmingham.

Our services include:

  • Basic Coaching Skills and Behaviour Management training for professionals
  • Facilitating and delivering an accredited programme to parents and one-to-one life coaching sessions
  • Facilitating and delivering accredited programmes to young people such as The IDENTITY Project and The Leadership Project, designed to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence, self-esteem, leadership and enterprise skills
  • Offering one-to-one coaching with a focus on supporting, encouraging and intrinsically motivating marginalised communities
  • Delivering face to face training or webinars re: Diversity and Inclusion, Effective Leadership, Mental Health & Wellbeing and Mental Health First Aid for adults and young people
  • Delivering a bespoke service to the families of victims and perpetrators of serious crime. We work with individuals to create new opportunities for families to rebuild and move forwards with their lives, both emotionally and mentally
  • Creating and Sustaining Change (Police Cultural Awareness Training) MET Police meet Elevate2Success. The purpose of this training course is to focus on improving communications between the police and the Black community.

The aim is to begin to build confidence and trust in the police from the Black community. This will be achieved by highlighting and discussing personal experiences of racism, bias and discrimination. A broader approach will be suggested, discussed and offered regarding Stop&Search as the first step toward finding a solution.

How does your organisation support & benefit the Southwark community?

Elevated Minds staff members and the Student Advisory Group members are currently working with the Met, leading and delivering training for new Met recruits. They aim to build confidence and trust in the police from the Black youths in particular, which is achieved through the young people sharing their stories and their experiences of interactions with the police. The
young leaders provide the officers with Cultural Awareness training and suggest alternative approaches to stop and search demonstrated through reverse role-play between the young people and a current Safer Schools Officer with whom we work closely with.

Elevated Minds are working with Anglia Ruskin University on this Cultural Awareness and Stop&Search training programme. We will be undertaking a Rapid Evidence Assessment, which will consist of a structured and rigorous search and a quality assessment of the uncovered evidence to support the training programme. A summary report will be provided based on the evidence identified. It will then be used to inform and support the continued implementation of the pilot project and other subsequent programmes. The experience and lessons learned from this work will be applied to our work
experience pilot programme.

Quote from a beneficiary

A Met New Recruit…
The Elevated Minds session. What stood out most of all was hearing
black voices and how policing has affected them. The whole day was
really amazing and I am so glad we had it. I was not expecting anything of the likes of it from the Met so I was really pleasantly surprised. It was brilliant to get the conversation going and talk about racism and bias etc. But clearly there is so so much more work to be done.

How did you hear about Community Southwark?

More recently through networking.

Would you recommend Community Southwark to other charities for support?


How can people get support from your organisation?

People can support us through our GoFundMe page – www.gofundme.com/f/elevate-your-mind
We require sponsors. We also need a pro-bono Business Manager. We would like the general public to engage with our social media posts, connect with us, and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It takes a village! So please join us and become part of our village.

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