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We are the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in Southwark. We support charities, community groups and individuals through capacity building, networks and training.

Older People’s Network

The Older People’s Network (The OPN) is an independent forum of voluntary and community groups in the London Borough of Southwark working to make life better for older people.

The terms of reference provide the framework and guiding principles for how the OPN functions.


The purpose of the OPN is to be an inclusive, mutually supportive group that fosters inspiration, and encourages the sharing of experiences, knowledge, information, learning, resources, and develops joint working among voluntary and community groups to make life better for older people in Southwark, by:

  1. Making it worthwhile to be part of and contribute to the OPN 
  2. Making the voices of older people from a wide range of communities, ethnicities and backgrounds central to our network 
  3. Achieving a good cross representation and diversity of voluntary and community groups supporting older people including those where it is not their primary service, eg, churches, TRAs, community centres, etc 
  4. Sharing learning, research and best practice 
  5. Collectively identifying and raising new key issues that are affecting older people  
  6. Raising awareness of available resources and funding 
  7. Inviting speakers who can contribute to our purpose 
  8. Engaging with statutory services and commissioners to better understand the strategic picture affecting older people, services and commissioning opportunities.

The Older People’s Network has three key aims: 

  1. To advocate for and make life better for older people in Southwark. 
  2. To strengthen voluntary and community groups supporting older people in Southwark promoting sharing, information swopping and learning to improve understanding and create opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and joint working. 
  3. To promote Community Southwark Older People’s Network


Membership is open to all voluntary and community groups who help make life better for older people in Southwark and who are members of Community Southwark. Membership is free. 

This is a group for us all to build relationships with each other and with all groups helping older people in Southwark. All members will reach out and encourage other groups helping older people to join. 

Please email Anita at: info@communitysouthwark.org to book your place.


2022/23 Meeting Dates

1 December 2022

2 March 2023


Minutes of previous meetings

8 September 2022

16 June 2022 

10 March 2022

24 November 2021