Event Three - 14th June

Focusing the conversation (part one)

Session three looked at three of the most popular priorities voted for at the previous event. These three priorities were:

  • Working together (28 votes)
  • Information sharing and intelligence (15 votes)
  • Understanding each other (15 votes)

 A number of key actions were identified from each group discussions:

  • Review communication channels between the statutory and voluntary sector to see what’s working.
  • Form collaborative partnerships to find the common goal.
  • Come up with a mechanism for sharing information – along the lines of Local Care Networks and VCS hubs.
  • Ensure information is high quality and timely.
  • Re-focus on long term outcomes – be clear and commit to getting away from the short term.
  • Ensure early involvement of residents and the VCS in planning of services.

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Useful documents

The final session focussed on the remaining priority areas.