New Co-Chair Southwark Safer Neighbourhood Board (SSNB)

The Southwark Safer Neighbourhood Board Interim Board meeting held on 28 January 2016 at Cambridge House saw the formal election of Abby Taubin - Chair of Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association and SSNB Board Member,  as Co-Chair of Southwark Safer Neighbourhood Board, following the resignation of Avril Jones in December 2015.


The Board and fellow Co-Chair Elena Noel welcomed Abby into her new role and are looking forward to addressing the agenda for Southwark.

The Board comprising of professional and community representatives is an independent, non-political body that will hold Southwark Metropolitan Police Service to account, and will support and engage the community on matters of community safety and policing in Southwark.

Its 5 key aims are:

  1. To ensure communities are more closely involved in crime reduction and prevention and problem-solving; its primary aim is to hold the Police and the wider community safety partnership to account for the delivery of the Police and Crime plan, crime reduction, community safety and confidence targets
  2. To have a broad remit to reflect MOPAC’s broader responsibilities, while respecting the view that local people know best what is needed at the local level;
  3. To have greater reach in community involvement and ensure a more frequent refresh of ideas and views;
  4. To achieve greater coherence between different engagement mechanisms, e.g. ward panels, Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs), the Independent Custody Visitor Panel, Neighbourhood Watch and Stop and Search Community Monitoring Groups, so as to provide greater public accountability to the public in policing and crime reduction
  5. To make more efficient use of resources to deliver value for money and target funds at tackling issues of local concern and crime prevention. To obtain the views of residents, business and commerce in the London Borough of Southwark on policing issues in the area and to encourage the local community to assist in crime prevention and community safety.

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