In their own words – using the power of audio storytelling

23May 201810:00



Ask yourself - when was the last time you simply asked a client or beneficiary to tell their story? How did you capture their story in their own words?

If you are ready to move beyond the written word, audio storytelling can be a personal and powerful way to capture and share the voices of the people you work with.

An intimate experience, audio encourages the listener to focus on what’s being said and imagine themselves in the storyteller’s shoes.

This short, interactive session is for anyone working in a voluntary or community organisation that is responsible for capturing client or beneficiary testimonials and stories.
This training will help you to...

  • Recognise the elements of storytelling
  • Select the best tools for audio capture – online hosting, devices, apps and accessories
  • Record audio using simple interviewing techniques Make basic edits to your sound clips
  • Plan how you will use and share your stories

Please note that lunch will not be provided, however, there will be refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits). 

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