Southwark Data Expedition

25November 201909:30


Artworks Classroom, 60a Weston St, Bermondsey, London SE1 3QJ
  • Have a hunch about a particular trend or pattern across the communities you serve and wondered whether the data you hold could help evidence this?

  • Not got the capacity or resource to think about how you could use data to have a greater impact on your beneficiaries? 

You are invited to take part in the Southwark Data Expedition

On the 25th of November the GLA, Southwark Council, Community Southwark, local funders and charities are coming together to host a data expedition to investigate the health of Southwark’s civil society!

What is a Data Expedition?   

 A data expedition is an event that brings together those that might hold data, policy makers and data scientists to gain insight on a chosen topic or theme. It is an opportunity to bring a multi-skilled group of people into a room, share skills and expertise, whilst highlighting the potential of data and developing new understandings.  


 Our theme for day will be the health of Southwark’s civil society, data expedition is to explore the health of Southwark's civil society. We will use open and organisational dataset to research the size and shape of the sector, whether demand is being met by the supply, how representative the sector is, the diversity of funding available and more.

These findings will then be built on by partners to inform further research topics and strategic ways of working within the borough. 

We are seeking a variety of volunteers to take part who have a multitude of skills. Including volunteers from across Southwark's Civil society frontline services and networks, funders, public sector and policy officers and of course, data experts with analytical skills. 

What to bring:

All you’ll need is an open mind and a laptop. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 

To attend:

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