Bridge Build Aspire's BAME Parenting Conference -

Bridge Build Aspire's BAME Parenting Conference -
12October 201911:30


Cambridge House 1 Addington Square London

The project is a parenting conference aimed to bridge every gap of knowledge that BAME parents may possibly face due to the way the education system has been built. This conference is a safe place for parents find fellowship, community and rich knowledge from a wide range of panellist who vary in age. A conference for young people by young people.

The event will be tackling the contingent factors that young people face that effect their educational attainment, this includes:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Youth Crime
  • Self-perception of ability and lack of self-confidence
  • Media influences on aspirations such as social media
  • Poverty - Family income below a certain threshold
  • Knowledge and lack of positive attitudes towards school and learning
  • Lack of positive aspirations
  • Support at home - Parental academic involvement

Aims are to Equip, Empower and Educate:

  • More students feeling supported and empowered by their parents since parents feel more empowered.
  • Parents can build relations and build network of parents who are willing to grow and thrive in Parenting.
  • Building stronger relationships with children and parents through focusing on social, emotional and psychological well being.

How to join?

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