Stop child exploitation in Southwark - Survey 2019

Southwark Council have launched this short survey with 8 questions (mostly tick box questions), asking you about any situations that you witness day to day that you think could pose risks for local children, and what you think should happen to make Southwark even safer for children.

This survey will find out about residents' awareness of how children can be groomed, tricked, coerced and physically forced into sexual activities they do not want, or forced into doing criminal activities such as carrying drugs for somebody else.

The term for all of these things is "child exploitation". This is a problem in all parts of the country; and most likely everywhere in the world.

The council did a similar survey in 2017, which helped to improve their work back then. They now need to check back with residents because times change and the risks to children also change, e.g. a further increase in the use of social media to contact children, and also we are seeing an increase of drug dealing gangs abusing children by forcing children to carry drugs and weapons.

Surveys like this allow the council, police, the NHS and the voluntary sector to continue to improve how we protect children, so by completing this short survey you will make a difference.

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To find out more about the work happening to prevent children being sexually exploited in Southwark please go to: