Join in on Refugee's Week (15 - 21 June) with 2 simple acts!

This years Refugee's Week Celebrations will be an online event (15th – 21st June).

The theme for 2020 Refugee Week is “Imagine”.

Southwark Refugee Communities Forum are asking everyone to celebrate and take a stand for Refugees by taking part in two simple acts that come done in the comfort of your own home.

Simple Act 1

To imagine the world as a better place, see. What would your school, community, city, or the planet look it’s an invitation to take a step back from your current moment, and imagine the world you want to like, if you made the rules?

To get involved: You can draw, paint, craft or write a short story or write a poem.

Simple Act 2

Watch a Free Film we have a list of short films that you can view, exploring personal experiences of forced displacements; accounts of resilience change and hope

To get involved: You can watch the film, discuss with others and then write a short film review.

Send us your contributions!

Please send all your Simple Act contributions to us during Refugee Week, 15th – 21st June either by:

Check out this flyer for more details>>


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