It's Small Charities Day!

It's Small Charities Day!

Small Charity Week is focused on celebrating and raising awareness of the essential work of small charities and the contribution they make to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK and around the world. This year's Small Charity Week runs from 15 - 20 June 2020.

With the current pandemic that we are facing, we have seen how small charities are more important than ever. They are the beating heart of our borough and without them we would have an even bigger crisis on our hands. 

Thank you to small charities!

Our team at Community Southwark have had the privilege of working with lots of small charities during this crisis. We have all been in awe of their resilience and how they have adapted their services and in such a short time. Many of these charities, such as Foodcycle, Burgess Sports, Paxton Green Timebank, Kingswood Community Shop and Pembroke House, have set up food hubs and food delivery services, at the same time as moving lots of their services online. Not to mention the existing foodbanks and food charities who been vital to their local communities, such as Pecan, Southwark Foodbank, Food2You and Food for Purpose

Then we have the Southwark charities who support the elderly, one of the most vulnerable groups in our community. Such as Link Age SouthwarkAge UK Lewisham & Southwark, Time & Talents, Southwark Pensioners and Blackfriars Settlement. Some of these charities already ran phone befriending services and these phone calls have been more important than ever to so many of our vulnerable older people self-isolating. Let's also not forget the very important work of groups like Southwark Carers. The contribution they make, not only to the cared for person/s, but to the NHS, social care and to the whole borough is invaluable.

Our Cross-Sector Conference

Community Southwark ran a Cross-Sector Conference on 28 May and we were lucky to have lots of small charities join us as delegates and as panel members for five conference sessions. (We’ve created a follow up pack, including videos and useful contacts and resources – see it here). As we emerge from the emergency phase of the epidemic, we want to ensure that small charities are heard and this is one of the reasons we hosted the conference. We aim to create a support package for charities with advice on things like business continuity, risk assessments, safeguarding, and volunteer management. If you attended our conference, please do tell us what you thought through our short evaluation here.

BAME communities 

The pandemic has highlighted the inequalities for our BAME community, for they have been hit the hardest in terms of numbers becoming ill and dying from Covid-19. 

This has also really shone a light on how important BAME charities are to addressing specific needs in these communities and how important our BAME support charities are and the fact that, as a society, we all need to do more to raise awareness and address inequalities across the board. Just some of these groups being: Black Hero’s Foundation, NAZ, and BLAM Charity (Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health). 

We are setting up a Southwark's BAME Network in order to have a coordinated and strategic approach in better supporting these organisations and tackling inequalities. Read our statement. We are advocates for communities defining their own solution, so if you’d like to join our BAME network, or would like to inform its design and delivery, please get in touch:

Get involved in Small Charities Week!

Throughout the week we will be sharing blogs relating to the daily themes and linking these to our support and resources which we hope you will find useful. The week’s daily themes are:

  • Day 1 - 15 June: Small Charities Day  
  • Day 2 - 16 June: Big Advice Day 
  • Day 3 - 17 June: Policy Day
  • Day 4 - 18 June: Fundraising Day 
  • Day 5 - 19 June: Small Charity Big Impact Day 

Please do join us in celebrating small charities, we will be sharing images through the week, in line with the Small Charities Week ask, ‘why I love small charities...’. 

When you share your, ‘I love small charities because......’ Tweets/ Insta Posts/ Facebook posts: please do add our @cosouthwark handle along with #SmallCharityWeek and we will share these widely. 

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