It's Policy Day

It's Policy Day

It's Small Charity Week Policy Day: A Critical role in unprecedented times

We know from our engagement with you over recent months that Southwark’s small charities have contributed enormously to both the immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and now as we begin the long and slow recovery. None of the support that has been provided by the very many long-established small charities, alongside the dozens of new groups that have sprung up, would be possible without the determination, hard work and commitment of the volunteers and staff behind them. From logistics and planning through to befriending, to offering food and other essentials, to the most vulnerable. The role of small organisations has been critical. 

This week provides us with an opportunity to say a big thank you to them for what they have been able to achieve, often in very challenging circumstances in these unprecedented times.

The high profile of the impact of the speedy and practical response to working together in partnership across a variety of organisations and statutory agencies offers a rare window of opportunity to reevaluate those relationships and the way we can all work for the common interest.  The value of small local organisations that know their communities and can take quick decisions has been critical. Often radical solutions have been found quickly and without the usual time lag around decision making. We’ve all incorporated new ways of working to deliver those essential services. We won’t want all those adaptations to last indefinitely, but some new approaches will have led to improvements to our offer and ways of working and we won’t want to go back to our old ways.  

We know from the various surveys across the VCS that the impact on the ability to attract funding and to deliver normal services has been massively eating into cash flow and reserves. See the Institute of Fundraising roundup here

Community Southwark is keen that we grasp this opportunity to take stock of how the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted on the voluntary and community sector in Southwark, to better understand what you need now and what you need going forward and to make sure that your voice is heard. Our virtual conference that took place on 28th May was well attended and highlighted many issues that are important to you. See all the information from the conference here

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Representing the VCS in Southwark now and post Covid-19

We want to take this a step further and rejuvenate our various networks so that there is a constructive space where these important conversations can take place to rebuild the sector.

All our Networks will be meeting virtually in the last week of June. You can find out more and book your place here

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See what's happening through the week on the Small Charity Week website here.


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