It's Fundraising Day!

It's Fundraising Day!

Small Charity Week: Fundraising in a strange new world.

We are all aware that coronavirus has changed the funding landscape significantly. Some funding streams have disappeared, others have changed and some we just don’t know about!

Fundraising, in particular, seems difficult to continue, but there are ways to keep your supporters engaged, spread the word and get back to raising funds, even now. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Remember you can always contact us at if you would like a little extra support.

Say Thank you!

Recognition of your supporters is key. It is always a good idea to thank your donors and supporters as well as taking an opportunity to remind them about what you do.

This is important, especially while individual’s income may be fluctuating, and decisions will be made over whether they continue to support various causes. Why not remind them about all the good work you do, so perhaps if they can keep supporting one organisation it will be yours.

There are lots of creative ways you can do this including:

  • Write handwritten letters to post out. A lovely personal touch, although time consuming so think about how many supporters you have first and how many letters staff/volunteers could write and safely post.
  • Send an email. This can be done quickly and reasonably easy by using a tool like MailChimp. You can make it a simple note, or a newsletter, add pictures and a case study for example.
  • Text or email a photo. Get creative with some fun thank you photos and send them out vie text, WhatsApp or by email.
  • Make a video. Your staff/volunteers can have some fun by filming short clips and then putting them all together via an app (such as iMovie) and send out and add to website

Keep supporters engaged

Not everyone will have money to give, but there are lots of ways in which people could support your charity. How else could people help you? You may have opportunities to volunteer, or if you want it to feel less formal, lend a hand! Perhaps you need someone to keep your social media up-to-date or help with some admin tasks for example. You might be starting some telephone befriending or some online groups that people could help out with.

What about seeing if your supporters would be willing to fundraise for you (some ideas can be found later in this blog) or proof read a funding application.

Could your supporters create short videos for your website showing life in lockdown? If you give clear instructions of what sort of content you want and how it relates to your cause, you could receive some very creative resources.

Go online

There is a lot that can be done online these days:

  • Have a Donate button on your website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages, you may get some one-off donations as and when people can afford it. Perhaps not as reliable as a direct debit but a little extra into the pot.
  • Planning an online giving day could also be a fun and interactive way to encourage giving. They take some planning and work though so make sure it is something you can give some capacity to.
  • Can you move some of your activities online? There are lots of activities that can continue online. While there are some difficulties with this around digital exclusion, for many organisations this is a great way of keeping going. Could you:
  • Run activities such as yoga, chair-based exercise classes and indoor workouts over Zoom?
  • How about online art classes or cooking lessons? This is something some of your supporters cold also get involved with. Do they have a skill they could share through an online session?
  • Hold online conferences and training sessions?
  • Hold online socials such as Knit & Natter, quizzes, afternoon teas etc?

Mind and have put together some useful resources on how you can get fundraising online.

Socially Distanced Fundraising

If your organisation works in a geographical area you could organise some socially distanced fundraising events, such as street parties or a window sing-a-along.

Of course, at some point lockdown will be relaxed then end and fundraising can become more face-to-face again. It is worth starting to prepare for how you will do this safely.

Trusts and Foundations

Finally, there is funding available for both emergency funds and longer term. Our funding pages on our website and funding e-bulletin can help you find suitable funding to apply for. 

Small Charity Week Activities

See what's happening through the week on the Small Charity Week website here.

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