Find My Charity: Transforming Health and Social Care

Find My Charity: Transforming Health and Social Care

Find My Charity are transforming health and social care through empowering individuals to use their community for support.

What does this mean?

Basically, this means FindMyCharity are doing two things:

  • Promoting activities every week on their social media.
  • Mapping the community organisations on an open-access map.

Transforming healthcare and community

Currently, medicine is largely based around a culture of physical examination and prescription, but there is more to the human body than that and different factors work together to create health and well being status.

Find My Charity believe that we need to:

  • Reengage communities
  • Consider health and wellbeing holistically
  • Focus on prevention rather than treatment
  • This is where communities come in!

For a long time, people have sought support from their neighbours. But nowadays these networks are almost non-existent in some areas.

This is where Find my Charity comes in!

Find my Charity are currently being registered as a Community Interest Company and are mapping the community activities across London, starting in Southwark.

They believe that by promoting activities that are already established in local areas we can celebrate diversity and help resource-poor charities and organisations, who know their area best, market their activities and reach more people.

How to join?

Fill in the form on the Find My Charity website here to join the revolution.