Welcome to the July Income Generation Bulletin !

Welcome to the July Income Generation Bulletin !

Welcome to the July 2018 Income Generation and Funding Bulletin!

You can download the bulletin here!

In this month's Income Generation bulletin, find out about the issues making the news from the sector and upcoming funding opportunities and deadlines, including the following opportunities:


The Good Neighbourhood Fund

The Fund will support organisations working to bring people together; supporting older people, refugees and asylum seekers, and people with mental health issues. Grants of between £5,000 - 10,000 per year over two years are available to support work benefiting people aged 18 or over;

Deadline: 16 July 2018


London Community Foundation - Deutsche Bank Small Grants Fund

The fund is open for projects of up to £5,000 (which ideally have match funding), to reduce social isolation and advance mental health and wellbeing.

Deadline: 20 July 2018


Working with Faith Communities to improve Health and Wellbeing in Southwark

Up to £500 is available for ten faith based projects that address the questions: How might we help people make healthy choices on portion size and preparation of food they love? How might we help people seek early help from relevant health services? How might we develop more discussion across the health sector and faith communities regarding health taboos? 

Download here: Faith and Health Challenge Grant Brief

The application form can be filled in online through this link: Online Grant Application

Please do read the criteria and application details in the main grant brief. 

Deadline: 12pm on  25 July 2018

For more information pelase contact Truly or Nathan: 020 7358 7020 


Plus, for applicants interested in this fund, an 'Ideas workshop':

As a part of the process of developing ideas for the grants we are holding a workshop on:

Thursday 5th July, 2:00 – 5.30pm , Blackfriars Settlement, 1 Rushworth St, London SE1 0RB 

This workshop will bring together health professionals with faith leaders who are thinking of applying for a grant. It will be an opportunity to flesh out your idea, network with other applicants and make connections with health professionals. It is not essential that you attend the workshop but it is desirable as it will help to create a stronger application.

You can find out more and book your place on the workshop here:

RSVP July ideas workshop