London Community Response Grants – Wave Two

London Community Response Grants – Wave Two

The Wave 2 grants are to continue the crisis response as well as changing the way organisations deliver their work to ensure it continues to meet the needs of their communities. It has two funding programmes:

Crisis response – grants of up to £10,000 to enable organisation to meet the immediate needs of communities, from food and essentials, to equipment and additional short-term staff costs;

Delivering differently – grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 to enable organisations to change the way they deliver their work to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your communities, from switching to digital channels to redeploying staff to boost your capacity at a time of increased demand.

In some circumstances the Fund may consider grants above £50,000 but there must be a strong rationale in your application for this.

How long is the funding for?
Crisis response grants should enable you to meet the immediate needs of your communities – one-off costs (e.g. new equipment), urgent needs (e.g. food and essentials), or to enable you to increase your support to people at risk. It is intended to be short-term grants that help you respond to the situation your organisation and the people you work with are facing right now, and during the coming two to three months.

Delivering differently grants is to cover up-front costs of changing the way you deliver your services (e.g. any new equipment, or training for your team), and then enabling you to continue to deliver in these new ways (including staffing and ongoing service costs) to increase the reach and capacity of your work.

As it is a rapidly-changing situation and a lot of uncertainty about how long the current restrictions will be in place, you are asked to prepare a budget based on needing to work in these new ways for up to three months.

For organisations that have incurred costs (from Monday 23 March) and there are no other funding secured to cover such costs, you should note this on your application form to be considered. 

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Registered charities including CIOs
  • Charitable company (limited by guarantee)
  • CIC limited by guarantee

For the crisis response grants, as well as the list above, the following list can also apply:

  • Faith groups, where the activity is not promoting religion
  • Community Amateur Sports Club
  • Community Benefit Societies
  • Constituted but unincorporated club or association
  • Constituted Tenants and Residents Associations, and Tenant Management Organisations

Unconstituted community groups (for example a mutual aid group) can apply via a host organisation who is on the eligibility list above and who will hold the grant on your behalf if you are successful – host organisations are able to submit multiple applications if it is clear that the funding is being held for distinct groups.

If you received a grant in wave one (food and essentials), you can apply again as part of wave two (for either a crisis response, or a delivering differently grant). You can only apply for one grant in this wave.

Priorities for crisis response grants
The funding is available for any eligible organisation responding to the crisis, with particular interest in support for groups who are looking to:

  • Buy food and essentials (including cleaning products) for people in need of support;
  • Provide access to services (including support to access to the internet or telephone costs);
  • Make immediate changes to existing services (including moving services online, or meeting increased costs of telephone or postal routes to reach people);
  • Purchase equipment to enable people to work remotely (including laptops);
  • Respond to new needs quickly (including any staffing costs associated with this);
  • Meet increased costs of providing services (including deep cleaning of accommodation); and
  • Ensure all groups can access services (including changes to make these fully accessible)

Preference will be given to a partnerships of organisations able to use their combined talents, reach and expertise to meet community needs rather than organisations seeking to move into new areas of operation where there is an existing group who is better able to meet these need

For more information and to apply please visit the London Community Response website

There is a weekly rolling deadline until further notice - e.g. applications submitted by Friday 17 April will be assessed in the following week.


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