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#LoveYourSmalls – Charity Excellence Framework

Always consider buying from a sister non profit.
For further information, please contact ian@charityexcellence.co.uk

Charity Excellence Framework (CEF) is the largest and fastest growing UK charity community. They are a free one-stop-shop for anything, any non profit needs.

There is a huge funding gap but, if you buy from a sister non profit, you’re buying from people passionate about their work, your money will go to people doing good, not profit, and you help to close the funding gap just a ‘small’ bit. Every bit helps and there are 0.5 million UK non profits and 95% of them are smalls. If we all buy from sister smalls, it’d make a huge difference. Here’s how to #LoveYourSmalls.

Always consider buying from a sister non profit. We can all do that – Help Finder has 1,100+ providers, many of which are charities or CICs.

Everything is free.

Tell people about Help Finder, so others can find and buy from them too.
If you have a local non profit provider, include them in your newsletter, social, website, whatever, it all helps.

Access Help Finder – https://www.charityexcellence.co.uk/free-charity-help-finder/
Find out more – https://www.charityexcellence.co.uk/help-for-small-charities/
Send us your details – ian@charityexcellence.co.uk