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Kirkaldy’s Testing Works are seeking a Treasurer Trustee Director

Kirkaldy's Testing Works are seeking a Treasurer Trustee Director to play a vital role in the future development of Kirkaldy’s Testing Works

Kirkaldy’s Testing Works is a small education and STEM heritage charity near Tate Modern in Bankside, Southwark, with a mission to celebrate, share and safeguard ‘Kirkaldy’s Testing & Experimenting Works’.

Bring your financial expertise, enthusiasm and lateral thinking to play a vital role in the future development of Kirkaldy’s Testing Works, working as part of our small group of trustee directors on a mission to inspire the world’s future scientists, designers and engineers

Key responsibilities:

As well as the duties of the treasurer outlined below, they are looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm to help bring the Testing Works to new and wider audiences, and in particular to help plan a secure financial footing for the future.

Duties will include:

  • Maintenance of the financial records of the company
  • Maintenance of the company bank account
  • Payment of all accounts due
  • Receiving and paying into bank all monies received from visits, as donations and from grants
  • Facilitating new fund-raising activities (e.g. adding Kirkaldy’s to charity fundraising portals, or setting up and managing Gift Aid)
  • Maintaining financial records and presenting financial reports to regular board meetings, which are held approximately every six weeks
  • Providing financial and management accounting information to fellow board members to ensure timely and correct decisions are taken on financial and other matters, in particular in support of external grant applications
  • Producing an annual statement of accounts, ensuring this is reviewed by an external accountant, approved at the company AGM and submitted to the Charity Commissioners and Companies House. (The company utilises accrual accounting methods and techniques for the production of its annual accounts.)
  • As a board member being involved in the general management activities of the company.
To apply for the role send an email outlining your experience and interest to:
Sarah Jarvis, Trustee Director – sarah@testingworks.org.uk
The closing date for applications is 12 noon on 26 September

For more info on Kirkaldy’s Testing Works please visit here