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Southwark – Information and Campaigning

Key stats and data for the borough, as well as guides on how to find your local representative and effectively influence them.


On this page our aim is to share strategic data about Southwark which is useful and will help you gather the information you might need for your funding applications and reporting, as well as guides on how to influence different stakeholders; such as local councillors, council officers and MPs

Influencing The Local Authority

Find out how your non-for-profit organisation can influence the decisions taken by the local authority

Find your ward and area

Find your ward. Doing this will help you get started to get involved.

Indices of Multiple Deprivation in Southwark – Map

This map shows the 10, 15, 20 and 30% most deprived areas in Southwark, which are areas that some funders are particularly interested in.



  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Annual Report 2022
    • Lots of core data on health and wellbeing in Southwark, providing an analysis of the population, along with details of the health inequalities that exist. Useful context for funders and for planning programmes and activities. Much of the data is broken down by ward level.
    • By: Southwark Council 2022
  • Overview of Southwark
    • A knowledge and intelligence report on Southwark
    • By: Southwark Public Health Division: December 2019

“Southwark is a diverse borough with people from a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds. Over 120 languages are spoken in Southwark”.

  • A Tale of Two Southwarks
    • A needs analysis report of the London Borough of Southwark.
    • Researched and written by: The Researchery (Dr Catherine Walker) October 2016.

Local charities said: The difference between affluent and deprived areas is becoming more prominent in Southwark, with areas on or near the river and in the south becoming increasingly unaffordable whilst the areas in the middle of the borough are becoming more deprived”.