Creative Mentor for Child with Mental Health Problems

Creative Mentor for Child with Mental Health Problems

Theatre Troupe are looking for inspirational individuals to mentor a young person with mental health problems in our Livesey Youth Troupe, between February and December 2018.

What day: Wednesdays
How many hours: 4.5-5 hours (3.15-8pm or 4.45-8pm)
Where: Old Kent Road, Peckham

About the organisation:

Theatre Troupe is a small, grass-roots Community Interest Company (CIC) that uses theatre and other art-forms to change the lives of children and young people with acute and complex mental health problems.They run projects for 9-19 year-olds who have had difficult experiences such as abuse, neglect, and bullying, and/or who have psychiatric disorders.  Activities are specially designed to give access to quality arts opportunities, and to build trust and positive relationships.

Purpose of role:

You will be matched with a young person and, across 2018, will guide them in their artistic journey, as well as providing vital emotional support. Most children can’t take part in other extra-curricular activities due to distress and life-circumstances. In acting as a mentor, you will be providing a vital opportunity for very disadvantaged children to thrive.  

  You will:

  • Support a young person to build trust and make positive relationships
  • Give her/him rare opportunities to celebrate her/his achievements and talents
  • Help her/him to build artistic skills

Main activities/tasks:

  • To support a young person in activities in our Safe Space Drop-in, including creating art work
  • To engage with a young person in drama workshop or to work with them creating art, design or writing for the stage
  • To support a young person socially and emotionally across the year (you will receive training in how to do this)
  • To attend set-up, feedback and training sessions as required.

To Find out more information and apply: