Sarah's volunteer story

Sarah's volunteer story

Volunteer Case Study: Sarah's Story

Sarah* had a Volunteer Advice appointment with Community Southwark in November 2017 and has since been volunteering with Handicap International UK. Her story illustrates the many positive impacts that volunteering can have.

What is the name of the current organisation you volunteer /volunteered with?

Handicap international UK (Humanity and Inclusion).

Thinking back to when you started to volunteer, what (or who) motivated you to first get involved?

What motivated me to volunteer was the need to use up my free time to give back to the society.

What are some of the benefits that you feel you gain from volunteering?
  1. Through volunteering,  I have been able to meet and make new friends.
  2. I have also been able to use up my free time.
  3. I am learning new things.
  4. I am getting more motivation in giving back in my little way to the society.
How do you think your volunteering makes an impact on your organisation?

I have been able to support my organisation with my administrative skills and great attention to details.

If you had an opportunity to communicate one message about volunteering to Southwark’s many and varied communities, what would this be?

"use your free time to make Southwark community a better place"