Abieyuwa -Central Southwark Community Hub

Abieyuwa -Central Southwark Community Hub

Abieyuwa was referred to our service to receive food parcels. She is a mother of 4 and found it difficult to accept that people genuinely care about her family’s wellbeing.

She offered to assist during her visits to our food bank and it slowly turned into her regularly helping. She formally joined Central Southwark Community Hub as a volunteer in April 2018 during our Holiday Club after some training and induction processes and sessions.

When her children went back to school and nursery after the holidays, she started volunteering at our Dropping session. Recording attending, contacting families, signposting them to other appropriate services. She also assisted in developing the service by introducing activities and appropriate programmes. If you needed to call on anyone in the group, Abieyuwa would be the one.

You can trust that if she can, she will. With other volunteers, Abieyuwa ran our Holiday programmes this year across 2 Clubs, escorted our families on planned trips and outings.

The finale was our trip to Broadstairs Beach. She made every family welcomed, organized activities for them and ensured that every families felt safe.

As an organisation, we recognized that she was a very special person who cared very deeply about those in her care.

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