Welfare and Admin Assistant for accessible sailing

Welfare and Admin Assistant for accessible sailing

At Tideway, people with or without a disability all sail together as one community. They are looking for a welfare and administrative support volunteer to assist their Officer of the Day (OOD) who is responsible for all aspects of running the sailing on a particular day. 

What are they looking for?

A commitment to at least one day midweek (more if you like), 10.00am to 3.30pm. An experience of working with disabled people would be useful, but a cheerful and helpful attitude will do for starters. 

When: Wed/Thurs/Sun (9:30am-4pm)

Where: Greenland Dock, Rope St, London SE16 7SX

You will be:

  • Welcoming sailors, ensuring they understand what the session is about.

  • Recording attendees.

  • Helping with fitting lifejackets, and other outer clothing

  • Identifying sailors who need hoisting from a wheelchair, and ensuring a suitable sling is available.

  • Providing tea and coffee etc.

  • Taking payments from sailors.

  • Advising the OOD with updates on who is waiting to go sailing, and feedback to those waiting.

  • End of day paperwork

The role is intended to be shore based, and no previous experience of any watersports is necessary. The main requirements are to support our sailors, some of whom have difficulty communicating, identifying what their wishes are, and working with the OOD and our other volunteers to work out how best to support them


Visit their website

Email Mark at: volunteers@tidewaysailability.org.uk