Various roles at Blackfriars Settlement

Various roles at Blackfriars Settlement

Blackfriars Settlement is a registered charity providing services to the community. We work with all people in the local community, creating opportunities for them to achieve their aspirations.

Art2Print Marketing and Promotion Volunteers

Blackfriars Settlement are seeking volunteers that are looking to develop their marketing and promotion skills. Art2Print is a graphic design studio based at Blackfriars Settlement. It is unique because people that have experienced mental health issues are the designers. We are in need of volunteers to help get the word out! View full role description.

Art2Print Graphic Design Volunteer

Blackfriars Settlement are looking for a creative Graphic Designer to join our design team and produce promotional and publicity designs. This will be an opportunity to suite a gifted graphic designer, a recent graduate or freelance designer with strong graphic design skills. View full role description.

Music Group Facilitator 

Members of Blackfriars Settlement Mental Health and Wellbeing Service have identified a music workshop as beneficial to their recovery process. Instruments have been purchased and all we need now is someone who will bring that session to life. View full role description.

Social Activities Supporter

Every Wednesday at 3pm, the Mental Health and Wellbeing members meet to eat food, relax, play games (Scrabble, pool, chess etc.) and enjoy each other’s company. We are looking for someone to help organise, join in and support these important sessions. View full role description.

IT & general support volunteer

Volunteer needed to give support in basic use of computer skills such as Microsoft Word, sending emails and accessing the Internet to members of our Mental Health & Wellbeing service. View full role description.

Befriender with Positive Ageing Service

As a Befriender you will become part of the solution to tackling the issues of isolation and loneliness by developing strong relationships with clients and encouraging them to engage in a variety of ways. View full role description.

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  • Contact Eva Henry at: or 020 7928 9521 
  • Address: 1 Rushworth Street, London, SE1 0RB

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