Provide professional feedback to young people's Social Action projects

Provide professional feedback to young people's Social Action projects

The Challenge is working with local 15-17 year old's to encourage them to building more cohesive communities and give back to people who are less fortunate to themselves. This summer they are looking for local Professionals from Southwark Community to be Pitch Advisers.

Pitch Advisors

This summer hundreds of young people in Southwark will be designing and delivering their own social action projects, aiming to improve the lives of people in their community.  In order to kick start their funds we set up a 'Dragons Den.' Your role as a Pitch Advisers will be to give advice and expertise to improve their project and make it even more impactful. There will also be a small amount of funding available to go towards the teams’ projects (provided by NCS) and you will decide who gets the seed funding for their projects!  

The professional feedback you provide our young people is invaluable in ensuring their projects are as effective as possible and supports the participants professional development.  Your presence as part of an influential panel of Pitch Advisers demonstrates to the Young People on the programme that their social action projects are important and this encourages their accountability.

The dates for the pitches this summer are as follows:

Sunday 21 July (2:30-5pm)

Saturday 3 August (2:30-5pm)

Sunday 11 August (2:30-5pm)

Wednesday 14 August (2:30-5pm)

Thursday 15 August (2:30-5pm)

Please note you don't need to commit to every date!

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