How to find volunteer opportunities online

How to find volunteer opportunities online

There are lots of online forums where volunteer oppotunities are advertised, below we've listed a few for you to browse at your leisure.

Volunteering opportunities:

You can visit our web page here to see lots of the the latest volunteering opportunities in the borough. We add volunteering opportunities that are sent to us by organisations and groups accross Southwark.


Do-it is the UK’s national volunteering database, makes it easy for anyone to volunteer in their community. It lists thousands of volunteering opportunities from charites and other non-profits.

Charity Jobs

Lists the latest volunteering opportunities on their website, they have a dedicated section just for volunteering roles and you can search for roles within your area.

Team London

Advertise London based volunteering roles from a wide range of approved organisations. They source both one-off and long term volunteering roles so there is something for everyone.

Reach Volunteering

A good website to use if you are interested in searching for Trustee or office based volunteering positions.


A lot of young people would like to volunteer but find it challenging to find opportunities that will accept them. Vinspired has recognised this and is the UK's leading volunteering charity for 14 - 25 year olds so it is a good website to use to search for volunteering opportunities if you are a young person.