Southwark Social Prescribing Network

This is an exciting time for social prescribing in Southwark!

Over the years, lots of social prescribing has grown organically across Southwark so we have several different models working across the borough. Whilst there is highly effective work going on, we know we are not getting optimal benefits for the Southwark population within the current system; particularly for people who have complex needs.

The Local Care Networks, in partnership with Community Southwark, are working to co-design and develop a more coordinated model of social prescribing in the borough. This will initially be focused on supporting people with long-term conditions, with a view to developing an evidence base for expanding to other population groups. The design of this model will be through a series of four social prescribing network workshops that will bring together residents, local voluntary and community sector representatives and health and care professionals.

We’d welcome any learning or experience you would like to share either in person at the network meetings or via comments on this site. 

To be added to the mailing list for the network, please email, or call 020 7358 7288.