Southwark Food Action Alliance & The Southwark Food Security Plan

Southwark Food Action Alliance & The Southwark Food Security Plan

The Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA) is a network of statutory, voluntary and community organisations collaborating to mitigate against the impact of austerity, rising living costs, welfare reforms and funding cuts to local provisions in Southwark.



Our focus is to Connect, Inform, Support and to draw together expertise and good practice from around the borough and country to shape the work taking place to tackle food insecurity.

Over the past year, the SFAA and Southwark council have worked on a 2 year food security action plan which focuses on the root causes of food poverty and creates sustainable solutions for organisations and the general public to action.

The full version of the Southwark Food Security Plan can be viewed HERE.

The shorter version of the Southwark Security Action Plan can be viewed HERE

The three main aims of the SFAA is to seek:

  • Improved access for food insecure people to pathways of support. 
  • Improved education and learning about sustainable food. 
  • Improved access to healthy and affordable food for all.

The Alliance comprises over 65 organisations which include statutory services, health organisations, food growing projects, food banks, food distributors, groups running cooking education classes & teaching meal planning skills, holiday clubs, activities in tenants and residents’ associations, older people’s services, researchers, and many more.

The Alliance officially formed in September 2017, developed from the Garden Organic Southwark Food Poverty Project and was coordinated by Garden Organic up until May 2019, when the network management was transferred to us here at Community Southwark. Community Southwark’s will assist by coordinating meetings, developing online resources, connecting relevant organisations for strong partnership working and sharing key information happening with our members and the community of Southwark.

The Alliance is a direct response to an increase in demand for services tackling the issues, a greater need for strategic oversight and approach, and an understanding that food insecurity is linked to many other facets including working to reduce health inequalities and building resilient communities.

There is a strong need for a food security plan in Southwark as figures show that 1 in 4 Southwark residents are likely to be food insecure and 4,674 households were referred to emergency food provisions in 2017-2018. The creation of the Southwark Security Food Plan enables organisations and individuals have clear steps on how to get involved in the plan to promote healthy and affordable meals, food sharing and emergency food resources.

Southwark Council hosted the launch of the plan on Tuesday 9th July 2019, which was attended by over 60 organisations that pledged to support and act on the food security plan through their various sectors. The passion and motivational energy at the launch was a testament to how the community of Southwark have the drive to curb food insecurity and assist those in need.

How to get involved!

Organisations and individuals interested in joining the cause of improving food security in Southwark can sign up to become a member of the SFAA.

Membership forms can be found HERE.

If you would like to contact us with any enquiries, please email

To find out more about what we do and the most recent news relating to food security, view our most recent June 2019 newsletter HERE and see more info here.


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