Salesforce User Network

Salesforce User Network

Does your voluntary sector or community organisation use Salesforce as a contacts database, to log casework for volunteer management, or to monitor and report on your activities?

If so, and you would like to connect with other users, please join our Salesforce User Network!

The Saleforce Use Network is a group of people that meet every quarter to discuss ways to:

  • improve our systems
  • look at how to fix issues that are slowing us down
  • look into new Apps and tools that might be useful.

We are learning from our fabulous Salesforce Administrator volunteers who are researching issues for us and helping us to streamline our systems.

We have set up a Salesforce Chatter group so that we can highlight issues, share ‘How to’ Guides and speak to other users that understand the language of Salesforce.

Want to find out more and join?

If you would like to know more and join the network, please email or call 020 7358 7015.