Creative Network Southwark

Creative Network Southwark

Creative Network Southwark hosted its first event on 7th December. This was  a scene setting event to discuss how the thriving creative sector in Southwark could be enhanced and made more sustainable and what aims and actions the Network could undertake to support this. Around 40 individuals and representatives from organisations across the sector attended a lively and productive morning. Feedback was very positive with everyone wanting to be part of Creative Network Southwark. Attendees from the seven tables produced ideas on the discussions to help map out the future direction of the work of the Network.

One quick action that we have been able to take forward is the sharing of names and email addresses of those who signed up to the event. There was an enthusiasm to contintinue to engage and network with each other outside of the restrictions of a formal meeting.

The flip chart notes have also been written up and circulated to attendees. Issues that arose included advocacy, creativity, connectivity, publicity, holding practical events, tackling common issues, providing a resource bank, solving challenges and providing support and advice. 

Over 35 people attended the meeting of the follow up Network meeting on 14th February 2017. The focus of the meeting was on effective partnership working. This included identifying reasons to partner, who to partner with and developing those relationships, which can be both formal and informal. You can view the slide presentation here. The Network also explored different ways in which Network members can engage with each other.If you have a need or want, or assets that you are willing to share, then you can complete this table.

Our October 2017 meeting focused on the Southwark Cultural Strategy  and the Southwark bid for the first ever London Borough of Culture. 

A March 2018 meeting kindly hosted by the London College of Communications looked at access to suitable spaces for the creative sector in Southwark and how to measure and demonstrate the social value of the arts. In this session William Austion presented his "Section 106 Advice: Straightforward Advice for Southwark’s Creative Economy."

Our next meeting in June 2018 will include a short workshop to feed into the Mayor's Cultural Strategy for London.

If you would like further information about the Network please contact Steve or phone on 0207 358 7017.