Business Continuity Guidance for Organisations

Business Continuity Guidance for Organisations

At its simplest, business continuity is about coping with disruption. Disruption can take various forms, such as a fire, flooding, or IT failure. But the biggest disruption currently facing every organisation is the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The reality is that we do not know what the reality will be” (Crowe)

Coronavirus has already had profound impact on the Voluntary and Community Sector, changing how we carry out our work and reach the most vulnerable. In the longer term, we are still uncertain what society will look like and how our sector will weather the storm and bounce back.

Being as prepared as possible will help to mitigate the risks and negative impact, and manage response and recovery. This is where business continuity comes in.

Community Southwark has put together a guide to help you think through the key components of your business continuity strategy in the current context. The guide is packed full of tips, resources and links. It covers:

  • What is business contunuity and why is it important?
  • A step-by-step process to develop a business continuity plan
  • Moving from emergency response to recovery 
  • Examples of business continuity plans

Download the guide here

Re-opening your organisation after coronavirus

While it is unclear exactly when lockdown will end and when we will all be able to go back to our workplaces, what we do know is that whenever this happens, we all need to be ready.

There are many resources out there to help with this, so rather than reinvent the wheel, they are available as a part of a handy factsheet below.

Download factsheet here 

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