Resources to help you

Resources to help you
Resources to help you

The prime focus of Community Action Networks is to enable any Southwark citizen who wants to actively engage in activities which benefit the wider community(ies) in their area, to access the help and support to carry these out successfully.

Factsheets are being produced to provide information and guidance on many related issues. The 7 available so far are:

Community Southwark has a range of existing guidance for the voluntary and community sector in Southwark, and opportunities to help you develop your organisation and activities. The following might be particularly helpful:

Watch this space! Others factsheets being developed, and which will be available soon, include the following:

  • What is there to help me get involved in my community
  • Volunteering
  • How can refugees get involved in their local community
  • Making change in your community
  • Running events in your community
  • Understanding need in your community
  • Co-design and Co-production
  • Becoming a trustee
  • Becoming a school governer

If there are particular issues that you encounter where a factsheet would have helped you, and could help others, please contact us with details at .

Similarly, if you need some advice on how best to progress an activity or address an issue, and on which you've not found appropriate guidance to steer you in the right direction, please get in touch and we'll help you find the best way to proceed.