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Peckham & Nunhead CAN
Peckham & Nunhead CAN

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Peckham and Nunhead has the largest population of Southwark’s Community Council areas and contains two of the borough’s most deprived wards: Livesey and Peckham.

Compared to the rest of the borough it has:

  • the largest proportion of under 15s (22% compared to the average of 19%)
  • the highest proportion of residents who categorise themselves as Black/African/Caribbean/Black British
  • a higher proportion of households living in social rented accommodation
  • the highest proportion of benefit claimants in the borough (17% compared to 14%)

Southwark Council has prepared profiles for each Community Council area based on the 2011 census: here is the profile for Peckham and Nunhead.

How CAN you get involved?

There are many ways that you can get involved in your local community, from volunteering and joining local groups, to responding to consultations and speaking to your local councillors. If …

  • you have an idea for something you want to develop in your community;
  • you want to know more about issues, activities, groups and networks in your area; or
  • you are concerned about issues affecting your community;

then contact

Upcoming events and news for Peckham and Nunhead

The following websites are good to look at for more information about upcoming events in Peckham and Nunhead:

Southwark Council's "In My Area" website pages provide access to neighbourhood newsletters, local activities, meetings and consultations, and other associated local information.

Upcoming CAN Activities

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Engaging with the Council and other public and statutory sector bodies

You can find more details of your local Councilors here

Issues in Peckham and Nunhead

Initial discussions with local partners and people have identified a wide range of issues of concern to local people and their communities. These include:

  • the levels of debt and poverty, and particularly joblessness amongst young black men;
  • the lack of affordable housing;
  • accessing appropriate education to match the skills and abilities of students of all ages;
  • resident involvement in planning and development issues, including better co-design processes.

Community Groups and people engaged in Peckham CAN:

All Saints Peckham
Peckham Vision
Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum
Peckham Citizens
Coplestone Centre
Southwark Travellers Action Group
• Nunhead Forum
Theatre Peckham
Local Accountancy Project
PECAN & Hourbank
Peckham Park Road Baptist Church
Gill Kelly, your local Community Council Development Officer

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