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Women’s Safety

  • Start: 15th May, 2024 @ 6:00PM
  • End: 15th May, 2024 @ 7:00PM
  • Online

City Sikhs and Community Security Trust (CST) welcome you to a webinar on Women’s Safety.

Just because we do something every day, doesn’t mean it’s always safe. We explore simple tips to assist in keeping you secure and protected during your busy daily life. We discuss personal safety in both your professional and personal life, including on public transport, traveling to and from home, lone working, work visits, domestic abuse and stalking. We also look at how to use technology to assist with your safety. This webinar focuses on Women’s Safety – but the advice is, of course, useful for everyone.

About SAFE

SAFE was established in 2019. It shares the CST’s security knowledge with groups outside the Jewish community that are vulnerable to violence, extremism or hate crime. SAFE makes no charge for any of its work.