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Visualising your postcode data on a map

  • Start: 20th June, 2024 @ 10:00AM
  • End: 20th June, 2024 @ 12:00PM
  • Online

Do you collect post code data from your beneficiaries or clients?

Are you interested in analysing this geographical data against other internal or external data to spot trends, illustrate your reach or evidence gaps?

This demo and practical online session will introduce free and easy to use tools to help you get started putting your data on a map.

Follow up support is available should you need it when creating maps with your own organisational data.

This session is part of the series of sessions for organisations taking part in London Challenge Poverty Week.

This session will cover

Discover free digital tools to add your postcode data on a map to spot trends, show reach and identify gaps.

  • An introduction to a range of mapping techniques and use cases in the charity sector
  • BatchGeo demo and practical exercise
  • Google My Maps demo – stay on from 11.45am to create your own (please note you will need a Google account to be able to do this)
  • A quick tour of other tools you can use to create geo maps: Datawrapper, Flourish, PowerBI, AutoGeoMapper

Am I eligible for this course?

Priority for this course will be given to Trust for London funded small charities and community organisations working in London.

Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone working in a small charity or community organisation in London, responsible for developing projects, monitoring and evaluating outcomes and designing services. You will need good basic computer skills to participate.

Course format

Online technical group training

This is an online interactive live training session. You’ll take part in interactive exercises such as breakout room discussions, polls or chat conversations.

You will be asked to complete individual technical tasks on your PC or laptop. You will not be able to join this training using a mobile device. It’s likely that you will need to either create online accounts or download appropriate software, which we’ll tell you about in advance.


Karen McLean is a Superhighways Data Support Adviser, helping small charities and community groups gain essential digital and data skills backed by the right tech to achieve their goals.

Clare Chamberlain has worked in various roles at London based CVS organisations since 2008 and joined Superhighways in June 2020. She is a Data Support Adviser, helping small charities and community groups to better use the data they collect when supporting communities, to clearly share the story of their work.